Zimbra Collaboration Suite

Zimbra includes complete email, contacts, calendar, file sharing, tasks and messaging/videoconferencing, all accessed from the Zimbra Web Client via any device.

Offer SKU
1 x Zimbra Mailbox 10Gb Online Storage
1 Month Free
incl VAT

Features :

  • Zimbra Drive is updated file sync and share functionality. Built on the ownCloud/Nextcloud platform, Zimbra Drive provides seamless synchronization and sharing of files between your users, wherever they are and on any device.
  • With Zimbra Docs, users can create and collaborate using documents, spreadsheets and presentations right inside the Zimbra Web Client.
  • Zimbra security is now even better with ABQ (Allow/Block/Quarantine) service for mobile devices. Admins can set granular control of which mobile devices can connect to the server.
  • Zimbra’s new realtime backup and restore engine backs up every single item and event on your server with split second precision. Avoid data loss using atomic and ever-consistent algorithms, while still saving disk space — up to 50% — thanks to an intelligent deduplication and compression system. It offers six restore features, that are all transparent to the end-user and are 100% OS, architecture and version independent.
  • With advanced Zimbra store management and HSM, you can manage multiple volumes and HSM policies through your Zimbra Administration Console. Use up to 50% less storage space, easily expand your Zimbra server by adding new volumes at will and improve server performances by splitting the I/O load onto different storage media and different tiers of storage.
  • What’s new about Zimbra’s mobile sync functionality? Users can now sync their shared Zimbra items along with all of their other Zimbra data. Using Exchange ActiveSync protocol, which is natively supported by the majority of mobile devices, your data will always be at your fingertips.
  • In minutes, you can now grant Delegated Admin rights to users, allowing them to perform management tasks such as setting quotas, COS and user limits for your domains. Keep track of your Delegated Admins’ actions and your domain status with new reporting features, straight from your Zimbra Administration Console thanks to the dedicated Administration Zimlet.


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